A strong and at times emotionally charged read, Cry Like A Man is a linear look at Jason’s life journey, chronicling his own healing process in a world where male tears and vulnerability are considered taboo. This book will strike a universal nerve within men everywhere with stories of fatherlessness, extreme violence, marital challenges and the gentle strength of Divine reconciliation.


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Breaking Through Emotional Barriers:
The Four F’s To Emotional Freedom


Jason Wilson has spent 14 years helping African-American boys become men. It was a viral video of a session at his Cave of Adullam Transformational Training Academy (CATTA) in Detroit, however, that got the nation to take immediate notice of his amazing work. What is new to America, though, is tenured and tested to Wilson. Breaking Through Emotional Barriers is an easily applicable guide to the combined spiritual and psychological teachings Wilson uses to help boys, and adults, break through the issues that keep them from being everything God intends for them to be. As he teaches his boys, “…breaking multiples boards…takes physical striking power, however, the board must first be broken introspectively.” Breaking through leads to freedom, and Wilson’s path – the Four F’s to Freedom – applies to all of our lives. Wilson purposely kept this narrative concise and the book portable, so that whenever you come against a seemingly unbreakable emotional barrier, you’ll be able to quickly peruse back through all of the pages to regain the faith, focus, fortitude and follow-through needed to break every emotional barrier in your life!


Reggie Bush - Cry Like a Man Endorsement

“Growing up playing football, you are taught to never show weakness. No matter what the situation was, I was told to always ‘be a man’ and suck it up. Unfortunately, that mentality forced me to bottle up my emotions, causing some long-term negative effects and conflicts in my life. Jason Wilson is leading the way to freedom from emotional incarceration.”

Reggie Bush - Super Bowl Champion

Lewis Howes - Cry Like a Man Book Endorsement 2019

“The souls of men are begging to cry and it’s time to release the pain. Cry Like a Man is a key that Jason Wilson is using to unlock the door for men of all ethnicity to release that pain through tears, transparency, and love rather than through fighting, unresolved anger, and abuse.”

Lewis Howe - New York Times bestselling author

Rodney Bullard - Cry Like a Man Endorsement

“Jason Wilson is a transformational leader with a God-given ability to stand conventional wisdom on its head, unearthing the power found in struggle, pain, and compassion. Jason’s life is an authentic testament to the manner, in which God uses trials, tears, and triumph to purge trauma and life’s losses from the hearts of men. The truth found within this book will empower men of all ethnicities with the tools needed to break free from emotional incarceration.”

Rodney Bullard - VP of Community Affairs, Chick-fil-A


“I am so excited about Jason Wilson’s new book, Cry Like a Man. Through personal stories and lessons that apply to all, Wilson shows us the power of connecting with our emotions in an increasingly disconnected world. This is a must-read for any brother seeking to better understand what he feels and why and for any sister seeking to discern the same.”

Joshua Dubois - CEO of Values Partnerships

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