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Developing Boys & Men

YAR053 2-1

Historically the Cave of Adullam Transformation Training Academy ("The CATTA") is the place where David spent the majority of his time hiding from King Saul (1 Sam 22:1). The Bible says that 400 men gathered unto David who were distressed, in debt and discontented, and David became their leader. When these men finally exited the cave of Adullam, they were referred to as “David’s Mighty Men of Valor” and together they fought to establish and stabilize Israel.

Today the Cave of Adullam is a male transformational training academy of the Yunion; a nonprofit organization in Detroit, Michigan. Boys and young men who are emotionally distressed, mentally discontented and spiritually in debt, gather here to be taught, trained and transformed into comprehensive men of the Most High.

Our mission is to teach, train and transform uninitiated boys into a generation of men who are physically conscious, mentally astute and spiritually strong enough to navigate through the pressures of this world without succumbing to their negative emotions.

We are able to accomplish this mission through our Emotional Stability Training® (EST). EST exposes the root of unresolved anger, anxieties, lack of focus and fears—while teaching our recruits how to introspectively confront and conquer negative emotions with composure. EST’s focus is to wean the soul and renew the mind, so that the body will be self-controlled.


100% of CATTA recruits who were bullied are no longer victims of bullying.


56% of parents report a decrease in school suspensions and an increase in making more positive decisions.


78% of our recruits improved their grade point average in 16-weeks without academic tutoring.


98% of our parents report their sons have grown spiritually and became more stable emotionally since becoming a CATTA recruit.

The Comprehensive Man

Jason equips men with mental and spiritual weapons needed to wage and win  your inner war. He helps men live beyond he limitations of their mind and finally experience the life they have always longed for. He knows they can break through what they've been through from personal experience.

Specifically, he shows men how to:

  • Master your emotions rather than be ruled by them
  • Win internal battles before they become external wars
  • Reject the world's definition of masculinity and embrace comprehensive manhood
  • communicate more effectively with the people in your life
  • Release trauma from your past so you can live fully to your potential in the present

Look out for online resources coming to this website in the future, including a platform men can join to master all of the above and more. Be sure to subscribe to the mailing list below. Also, check out Jason's available books for men: Cry Like a Man and Battle Cry.